Road Ultra 2015: Best Performance

Just for my own reference. Trail races weren’t included as each of them are so unique in terms of terrain and elevation thus incomparable. Hopefully I will have the time and patience to do this every year in the future… to see how things evolve.

  • 50km (Male): Raymond Wareham, 3:58, TITI 50
    50km (Female): Deborah Chinn, 4:43, Penang 50
    Races: TITI 50, Penang 50, Route 68, Putrajaya 100, Pink 50

    Gotta be Raymond Wareham from Australia. Sub 4 in a hilly 50km was superb for local races. Did a quick background check on this fella and I am totally not surprised to find out him being a 2:30-ish marathoner (2:36 in Melbourne Marathon 2012, to be specific). Deborah Chinn’s performance in Penang 50 was also unparalleled among the ladies. 50km in 4:43, not only bettered the overall course record (4:59) and woman course record (5:19), she also beat the champion guy Lim Yew Khuay in the same race by 10 mins. Ooops. But Debby’s marathon PB is 3:25 whereas YK’s is 3:36 so …. :)

  • 70/80km (Male): Tang Yew Choy, 6:40, Route 68
    70/80km (Female): Toh Hui Sung, 8:12, Route 68
    Races: Route 68, Penang 84, Putrajaya 78

    Some may not agree with my choice as Tang’s result in Route 68 last year was kinda controversial coz he didn’t wear hydration bag (if not mistaken). He did follow the rules this year and still manage to shed off a few minutes from his previous year’s timing. So I gave him his due credit :) Initially didn’t want to include ladies’ performance but after some calculation I think Hui Sung’s result in Route 68 worth mentioning here. Not a big wow as compared to Susan Swier’s but 7:00 pace in a 70km race is still something impressive. 

  • 100km: Munintaran Sundram, 10:31, TITI 100
    100km: Susan Swier, 11:25, Penang 100
    Races: TITI 100, Penang 100, Putrajaya 100

    Munin’s 10.5 finishing in TITI 100 is legendary. I mean, it’s not up to the international competitive standard yet but in local races he is unrivalled when in top form. As far as I know, no Malaysian has done a sub 11 in a point to point race, if not mistaken. I think this course record can stand for quite a few years. Susan’s 11.25 overall / women course record in Penang 100 was phenomenal too. Didn’t run the race myself but followed the leading pack for quite some distance (so kaypoh). Till now I can still remember how exciting and inspiring it was seeing Susan steadily paced with Ewegene from the start, then overtook David Christopher at the uphill stretch right after 50k major station, and keep building the gap till the end. 30mins faster than Munin’s overall course record in 2014. Again I don’t think any ladies can topple her record in local races within … 5 years. FYI, her 5k time was like 17mins :)

  • 100 miles: Nil
    Races: Putrajaya 100
    There’s only one 100 miles road race in Malaysia and no one finished last year hmmm… 

  • 200km (Male): Alex Koh, 31:25, TITI 200
    200km (Female): Susan Swier, 32:44, TITI 200
    Races: TITI 200, Patriot 200

    Alex Koh is my idol so die die must put his name here. Just kidding. 31:25 in TITI 200 without support crew. Qualified for Spartathlon 2016 with sub 21h 100 miles in Singapore. 3:15 in Sundown Marathon if not mistaken. I was secretly hoping Raymond Foo could better his CR this year in TITI 200 but apparently his 31H ish still stand tall. Aiks. With his tough training regime, I really hope that he could finish Spartathlon. Finger crossed. As for women category, it’s Susan again. Just one hour behind Alex. For the record, only 4 persons get to run under 33 hours in TITI 200. Alex, David, Raymond, Susan and Wei Han (eh who is this fella never heard of him before…), and Susan is the only lady :) Bravo.

  • 12 hours (Male): Lim Yew Khuay, 108km, Back 2 Endurance
    Races: Back 2 Endurance, Metro Endurance 12h, Bukit Cinta Ultra 12h

    YK’s 108km was very impressive seriously. That’s his first 100km+ race with only a few 50k / 70k in the bag. He crossed 100km mark in 11h and ran another 8km in the last hour. I was like 1 loop (2.3km) behind him till 40km i guess and was still thinking : later I will reel you in when you are tired and punctured. Boy was I wrong. I finished 50k in about 5:11 but the second half slowed down quite a lot whereas YK was much more consistent. The guy end up running 11km farther lol. Anyway I think this is my best performance so far :)

  • 24 hours: No one up to par
    Races: Taman Jaya Park 24h, UM24

    Both Chun How and Ah Siao covered 160km+ in Taman Jaya Park 24h and UM24 respectively but not good enough to be listed as best performance 😛 Anyway am very happy to see Chun How doing 185km this year (qualified for Spartathlon!). That will be the best performance for 24h in 2016, I guess … unless someone break his record in UM24 in october this year.

    1. Didn’t include Watergate 16h and Beaufort 60k as I am not quite sure which category to park them at. 
    2. Christine Loh’s 12:40 finishing in TITI 100 is the second best performance in 100km.
    3. David Christopher did a great job in Bukit Cinta Ultra 12h too. The official result was like 105km (21 loops) in 12h, but I think the course is slightly under distance. Instead of 5km per loop as projected, it should be like 4.5km to 4.7km only. Nonetheless, 95-100km for such a hilly course is very very tough. The total elevation gain for 21 loops could possibly reach 2000m. So far, this is the toughest course for 12h race in the country.
    4. Would like to specially mention Kenny Choo’s 9 hours finishing time too, in Starlight Ultra 84km (2014). Though not qualified for the nomination of Best Performance 2015 lol, but it’s considered the fastest time for 50 miles in Malaysia.